Ready To Rebuild A New Life After Divorce But You're "Stuck" or "In Pain" and Don't Know Where To Begin? 
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Step Process Rebuilding Your New Life After Divorce
  • We'll explore how to move past the Road Through Recovery so that you are empowered to create your new life on your own terms. 

  • I'll share my 5 step results-driven process and answer your questions about each along the way. You will have a step by step PLAN.

  • Plus, you'll be able to download my e-book, Recover and Heal From the Inside Out After Divorce to help "pinpoint" exactly where you may be stuck or in pain so that you can begin to move forward. It's my gift to you. 
I see many divorced women like you on the other side of divorce that don't have a results-driven plan showing how to recover and heal so can begin moving forward. Many don't even realize that they may be stuck! Having a process that focuses exactly what you need to do step by step is "key" to the goal of rebuilding a new life on your own terms.

I know this because I was there. I tried everything from counseling/therapy, (I was a counselor before becoming a coach) self-help books, support groups, etc. Nothing worked for me.

I decided with my background, experience, and expertise, I would develop a five-step plan taking me from the transition after divorce to a personal transformation empowering me to embrace a new beginning. 

With that success, I decided I wanted to share it with others. It works. I will teach you the divorce recovery cycle in the webinar (the first step). You will receive my FREE e-book, Recover and Heal From The Inside Out After Divorce, at the end of the webinar.

At the end of the webinar, wait and click on the thank you page. You will be directed to another page. The link for the e-book is right at the top of that page.